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Case Study 2019 netball world cup INTX Coach Hire, Bus Hire, Chauffeur and VIP Services

Case Study: 2019 Netball World Cup


16 international teams, officials, plus event organisers and netball dignitaries arriving into the UK via various airports and stations across the country needing to be transferred to the Liverpool Arena for the prestigious event.


INTX provided a one stop shop for all the event ground transportation requirements over the 3-week period of the competition. Having invested in a cloud based, real-time software solution, INTX were able to offer all the participants in the event individual login details, providing logistical transparency in respect of where the teams and the vehicles were.


Using this bespoke software solution together with diligent route planning and ground support, we helped to deliver a hugely successful event receiving much positive comment around the world. We also received a letter of thanks from the transport, catering and accommodation managerLucy Hynes.