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2.5 Million Steps for Transaid

2.5 Million Steps for Transaid

Throughout the month of April our team embarked on a mighty step challenge to raise funds for the transport charity Transaid and it went better than we could have imagined.


The Charity

As part of our journey to improving our sustainability efforts, we chose Transaid as our international charity of choice for 2023.

Transaid are a transport charity with the goal “to transform lives through safe, available and sustainable transport.” They focus on professional driver training, transport management systems, and rural access to transport, to solve some of the biggest transport challenges in economically developing countries.

As a transport company, we are passionate about improving the transport sector both locally and internationally. We are determined and fully support the work Transaid are doing and are proud to be contributing to the solution.

The Challenge

To commemorate their 25th anniversary in 2023, Transaid are encouraging their supporters to fundraise in their own creative way by taking part in their 2.5 challenge. The challenge is simple, decide on an activity or challenge that involves the numbers 2 and 5.

We decided to challenge ourselves to walk 2.5 million steps as a team throughout the month of April. As a small team, we knew this would be challenging but we were determined and got to work as soon as April started.

We used Stridekick to track our steps and encourage each other through messages in the challenge group chat and holding each other accountable.

2.5 Million Steps for Transaid

The Outcome

The Outcome

From the first few days, it was great to see how involved everyone was and as a result, we reached our goal of 2.5 million steps before the month was even over on 26th April. This only encouraged us even more and by the month’s ended we had walked 2.9 million steps.

We also surpassed our goal of raising £250 and couldn’t be prouder of ourselves and even more pleased for the support to Transaid.

Our fundraising page is still open for anyone who would like to donate and help Transaid continue doing the fantastic work they do.