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Fancy Watching A Premier League Football Match?

With football fever hitting the entire world, we wanted to highlight how we at INTX have been able to provide sport transport services to long standing clients as well as any new clients who may be looking for a solution to their sport travel requirements. Large football matches like the Premier League and European games require well planned and coordinated transport solutions. 

INTX are able to provide solutions for a number of different types of transport requirements, including team coaches, supporter coaches, and management vehicles. For younger football teams that are playing in local competitions or visiting new towns, then their requirements are often different and require a more bespoke solution. A few examples of football transport that we have provided are as follows:

  • We have provided coach hire for Barcelona FC when they have played North West teams including Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Manchester City. On these particular occasions, the vehicles were for club directors, the club President, club press and other support staff. These VIPs needed to have vehicles at their disposal during their visit due to their complex itineraries which included meetings and events at different times, press conferences and practise sessions.
  • Since 2008/9, Premier League seasons we have provided the official transport for the LFC Scandinavian Supporters club in partnership with VING Norway. For every home match there are between 50-400 supporters that require transport services, which includes transfers from scheduled flights from Manchester Airport or charter flights into John Lennon Airport that are arranged for some of the big games. Match transfers, stadium tours and sometimes city tours, we provide all the coaches for these groups together with ground support to ensure that all runs smoothly.
  • We have also provided Executive transport solutions to both the English and Spanish FA’s for international matches, when players need to be transported from airports to hotels, hotels to training grounds and stadium to home destinations.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your transport needs when attending a Premier League match.