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Luxury Cars VS Executive Cars – What’s The Difference?

At INTX we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible on their journey. That is why we offer the best in terms of quality, comfort and style when it comes to our chauffeur driven cars. When booking one of our chauffeur driven cars, you can choose an executive car or a luxury car. What is it that takes a vehicle from being just an executive car to being a luxury car? Here are some of the reasons:

  • An executive car is a nice standard choice but the luxury cars are designed for passengers. They are designed to be chauffeur driven.
  • The back of a luxury car is as comfortable as the front with many features such as adjustable seats and individual climate control.
  • Luxury cars offer more leg space!
  • There is not only a difference in features between the two cars but in price as well with the cost of the luxury car often double of a standard executive.
  • Whilst a luxury car may look look similar on outside to an executive car; the difference in comfort level is enormous.

Next time you book with us, pick a luxury car and experience the the most comfortable and luxurious car journey you have every had.