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Blog Keeping Covid Safe INTX Coach Hire, Bus Hire, Chauffeur and VIP Services

Keeping Safe During The Pandemic Vehicles & Drivers

Our top priority has always been our clients’ safety. As we venture into a new year full of uncertainties with regard to COVID, we want our clients to be assured that travelling with INTX is safe and that we are doing all we can to ensure our vehicles and drivers follow our COVID policy. Here are the steps we are taking to protect our clients and drivers:

Chauffeur Cars 

Protocols for our vehicles are as follows:

  • All vehicles are regularly  cleaned and sanitised.  
  • Hand sanitiser and face masks available in each car for clients.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation and air flow through vehicles. 

Protocols for our drivers are as follows:

  • The drivers are asked NOT to attend work if carrying any symptoms listed for Coronavirus. 
  • The drivers are required to take regular lateral flow tests to monitor those that don’t display symptoms. 
  • The driver’s wear face masks at all times whilst with clients; and also to sanitise their hands before ANY contact with a client, or when assisting with a clients luggage. 
  • If assisting with luggage, the handle of the luggage will be returned prior to returning the luggage to the client. 
  • Job specific protocols are able to be requested, ie. the driver will not offer any assistance with the guest’s luggage, the driver can remain in the vehicle and NOT open the door or boot for the client etc. 


Protocols during your journey:

  • One passenger per double seat, in order to maintain social distancing (unless family members).
  • Our drivers will always wear a mask when they’re on the coach with you, and we’d appreciate it if passengers did the same for them. 
  • The ceiling vents and the driver’s window will be kept open at all times to encourage the flow of fresh air. 
  • We will also be using the air-flow feature on our coaches, which distributes fresh air rather than recirculated air. 

 General Coach Care:

  • To ensure our passengers are entering a clean environment when travelling in our coaches, we implement regular deep cleaning in between every driver and every group of passengers. This way, we know we’re doing our absolute best to keep you safe.
  • Throughout your journey, our drivers will keep their distance from you at all times.