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How to Move People Through Large Crowds

How to Move People Through Large Crowds

Working with event companies, tour guides and keen tourists; we have familiarised ourselves with large crowds and have developed a strategy to help those who may be organising or attending events with large crowds.

Security Teams  

Many of the clients we have worked with over the years have hired security teams to ensure the safety and safe passage of individuals and groups at large events. We have worked with many security teams and could not recommend them enough when dealing with crowded events. A security team ensures that your specific safety needs are met and can offer you unrestricted support. 

Working With The Police  

The police are here for the public’s safety. If you are organising a large and crowded event, we strongly recommend letting them know. They will be able to offer help if they feel it is needed and can advise on any safety concerns, they may have. 

Planning Extra Time 

Planning is essential! What normally would take ten minutes could take ½ day. At INTX we understand this, and planning begins from the moment you enquire about booking with us. Planning for the extra time ensures no one is left waiting and that everything happens according to schedule.  

Getting Vehicles In Position Early 

When attending a crowded event, it can get chaotic when it finishes, and many times people can get lost or are not able to find their vehicles or meeting points. We work with our clients to coordinate pick up points and then we make sure the vehicles are in position early and ready for pickup.

Escort Vehicles

Escort vehicles ensure that your vehicle is protected and has the space needed to travel safely and get to your destination on time. They can be especially useful on crowded or busy roads.