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10 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Transport Supplier

Choosing a transport supplier can be overwhelming. There’s so many and they all claim to be the best. So, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve put together a list of 10 things to look out for when choosing a transport supplier. If you keep these in mind, choosing your supplier will be a smoother process.  


Is the transport supplier compliant with all laws and regulations? Are the vehicles taxed? Are they insured? These are all questions you should be asking if the information is not offered by the transport supplier on their website. Making sure they are a complaint business brings you peace of mind and protects you. 

Public Liability Insurance  

You can also ask if the supplier has public liability insurance. This ensures that if anything goes wrong, they can help you. This is important for both you and them. 


We cannot stress enough how important feedback and reviews are. Read, read and read again! Do your research. What are people who have used the company saying about them? How does the company deal with negative reviews? How may reviews do they have? All of these are important questions to have in mind when reading reviews. Check out the company on trusted sites such as Trustpilot, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews 


How does the company communicate with you? From the moment you make an enquiry or request a quote, you should be paying attention to how they communicate. Do they take too long to respond? Are they polite and helpful? Do they answer the phone? Your initial experience with them is an indication of how your overall experience will be with them should you choose to book. You want a transport supplier who will be available to answer any questions, provide live updates on any changes to your transport and who will go the extra mile to make sure you feel supported throughout your booking with them.  

Area Knowledge  

Something that can set apart a transport supplier form the rest is their local area knowledge. Yes, they are here to provide you with transport from A to B but, if they can offer advice or assist you in planning your stay in the local area then they just might be the transport supplier for you.  

Backup Plans 

Plans change all the time and one of the most important things you should consider when booking a transport supplier is backup plans. What happens when things change or go wrong? Does the transport supplier have backup vehicles? Do they have enough drivers in case your driver is unable to complete the trip? What plans have they made for you to assist with any hiccups?  

Age Of Vehicles 

Age of vehicles gives you an indication into how often the transport supplier updates their vehicles. They don’t necessarily have to have the most recent vehicles but having vehicles from years ago means that they are more likely to encounter issues and are not as helpful to the environment.  

Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance is even more important that age of vehicles. How often are the vehicles serviced and tested? If the transport supplier has a regular schedule for servicing and testing their vehicles, it means they put great care into them and in turn care about the safety of their passengers.  

Fleet Size  

It’s important to check that the fleet size of the transport supplier you choose has the vehicles that will be suitable for your travel needs. They don’t necessarily have to have the biggest fleet but having a range of vehicles that can suit different travel scenarios is best.