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Cultural Heritage

Cambridge’s cultural heritage is vast and varied, with a rich history that spans centuries.

From its world-renowned university to its literary and artistic connections, the city has something to offer everyone who wants to explore its cultural heritage


University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. The university’s colleges, including Trinity College and King’s College, boast stunning architecture and beautiful gardens that are open to the public. Visitors can also explore the university’s world-class museums, including the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.


Aside from the university, Cambridge is also known for its literary heritage. Authors such as C.S. Lewis, Sylvia Plath, and E.M. Forster all lived and worked in the city, and their legacies are celebrated at the annual Cambridge Literary Festival. Visitors can also follow in the footsteps of these literary greats with a walking tour of the city’s literary landmarks.


The city is home to the Cambridge Arts Theatre, which hosts performances ranging from local productions to touring West End shows. The Cambridge Corn Exchange also hosts concerts and events throughout the year, including performances by the Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra.


Cambridge is known for its traditional English pubs, many of which have been around for centuries. The Eagle, for example, is a pub that dates back to the 16th century and was a favourite haunt of scientists who worked on the development of radar during World War II.

  INTX and Your Visit To Cambridge

  INTX and Your Visit To Cambridge

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  INTX and Your Visit To Cambridge