Hundreds of Thousands of People Will Be Hit by Stuttering Ryanair Flight Schedules


Ryanair has been hitting the news headlines recently due to its impending upheaval and chaos for hundreds of thousands of passengers across the UK, which will result in many cancelled and suspended flights each day between now and March 2018. The issues could also have a detrimental effect on the operators who provide Manchester Airport to Liverpool and from airports, such as Liverpool John Lennon, who offer many Ryanair flights to various destinations including Barcelona, Marrakech, and Prague.

The budget Irish airline, which has been operating since 1984, has been locked in internal disputes over piloting pay and working conditions which have arisen over glitches in the rostering. A record high of air traffic during the summer months has led to a huge backlog in annual leave requests by staff which must be taken before the end of 2017. The pilots’ rota has been adversely affected as a result of this and this will leave many people in jeopardy who have been planning a holiday, business trip or short get-a- way. Approximately 50 flights per day are to be axed and several routes will be suspended completely over winter. With the Christmas period fast approaching, it has not come at a worse time and may leave the low-cost airline with an even more tarnished reputation. A few months ago, Ryanair faced claims of flaws with their random allocated seating policy, forcing many flyers to have to pay to sit alongside members of their own travelling party, with some passengers complaining they were not only seated away but expected to board separately from their young children. It is a very unfortunate situation, and with millions of Brits intending to jet off for Christmas and New Year, the disruptions could mean misery for many people.

The fall-out will no doubt leave passengers dubious and reluctant to travel via Ryanair due to the current uncertainties. Not all of the impending cancellations have been confirmed in one go, meaning there will be a lot of frustrated people unsure if they will reach their intended destination. Customers have been asked to keep an eye on any e-mails forthcoming from the company to inform them of any disruptions and withdrawn departures. It is thought that some people are only given as little as 24 hour’s notice. Despite these tumultuous times, and competing airlines’ rise in bookings, Ryanair say they still expect to meet a record profit this year.


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