INTX Cars Full Inclusive for All Our Passengers


At Intx Coach Hire Manchester, we pride ourselves on being fully inclusive for all our passengers. Whether simply offering a helping hand for someone who is a little infirm or providing a vehicle with lift to accommodate Electric wheelchair. Our drivers have attended various courses on how to help disabled passengers and vulnerable children and adults to ensure that everyone is transported safely, securely and with respect.

A few examples of services we have provided when clients have required a helping hand are as Follows:

Infirm Passengers – we are often asked to look after elderly or infirm passengers, some of whom will need help getting in and out of vehicles and escorting to and from buildings & terminals etc. These clients sometimes have walking aids or folding wheel chairs that need to be accommodated within the vehicle.

Visually Impaired Passengers – we recently had an enquiry for a visually impaired group who were planning to do a day tour around Liverpool’s sights including football ground and various Beatles Sites. The group consist of 50 passengers with 20 guide Dogs. We worked with client to find the best solution for this group and have now booked this in for later in the year. It is unusual to be requested to carry more than one guide dog at any time but a challenge we were happy to accommodate.

Wheelchair bound passengers – there are many things to consider when transporting passengers in wheelchairs, e.g. will passenger transfer to regular seat once inside the vehicle, how large is the chair, is it standard or electric? How tall is the passenger? Does that passenger have neck mobility issues? We do are best to find out this information prior to picking up the passenger so that we send the most suitable vehicles.

We have access to all sorts of accessible vehicles from minivans that can accommodate one passenger in a wheelchair to a full size coach which can carry 12+ passengers in wheel chairs.


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